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Last Updated: 10-02-2013

[October 2, 2013] Customize your TMC experience

There have been quite a few complaints in the forums regarding the new look of TMC and it has been suggested that TMC users be able to customize the color scheme of the site. This is now possible with the TMC Customizer. Currently the script allows you to specify the colors for the TMC background, panels, text and link and the main text font is also adjustable. Please note that these customizations do not affect the forums, which is currently only customizable by SMF theme selection. -Iccy

[September 25, 2013] New TMC Site Layout

A new TMC website layout/design has been launched today, portions of the site are still being integrated. The new layout should be more mobile-device friendly and less restrictive. A new Theme for TMC's Forums (SMF) is also available. There are probably several bugs lurking, if you find any pages on the site that need work please let us know by emailing the site admin.

[August 12, 2013] New TMC Forums Opened

TMC's new Community section is now open, you can find it here. There are still some things left to be done to bridge the old member system over but the forums should be fully functional.

[August 7, 2013] TMC Forums: An Update

I want to thank everyone who has sent me emails expressing concern over the recent events and interest in helping out with TMC's future. Many of you have urged me to avoid making hasty decisions to completely abandon TMC and instead focus on getting help to keep the site functioning and I am making it my first priority now to get forums back up on TMC as soon as possible. I have decided to abandon the current forum software and upgrade to a platform that is more modern and familiar and we are in the process of putting together a Community Management team to help get discussions back up on TMC. It is my hope to have this accomplished in the next few days, I will update this announcement as soon as I have a better idea as to when the new discussion software will be ready. -Icculus

Update 8/8/2013 - The forum software we are switching to is SMF (Simple Machines Forum). I would like to be able to import the old discussions to read-only boards in SMF, please contact me if you are familiar with SMF's internal structure, have experience porting a custom DB-driven discussion board into SMF and are interested in undertaking that endeavor. Thanks, Icculus

Update 8/12/2013 - Thanks goes out to Davion for providing a script that was able to import the old forum data into SMF. Your help is very much appreciated! -Icculus

[July 30, 2013] Why are the TMC Forums Down?

I want to offer an apology to the TMC members for the events that took place these last few days on the forums and which have now resulted in the current unavailable state that they are in. These events have opened my eyes to the fact that I can no longer be a part of the community. Please email me if you are interested in taking over the website, when contacting me please describe your involvement with MUDs, with the TMC community and any skills that you feel you bring to the table which will help you run the site. Please do not expect an immediate response as I expect this will be an exhaustive process as I try to find the right person. -Icculus

Update 7/31/2013 - I realized that the above explanation doesn't really answer the question about why the forums are down and I will be restoring the forums in read-only mode shortly. I believe the more recent threads I was involved with should provide explanation. I know these threads illustrate my administrative side at its worst, full of hasty, erratic and irrational decision-making, in short the behavior of someone no longer fit to be a community administrator. I also feel they shed light on a community that is unforgiving, unnecessarily harsh and unwelcoming and I hope that under new management the community overall can grow to be more respectful and caring for one another.

[April 17, 2012] Free banner advertising on TMC

We are proud to announce that we are no longer offering commerial banner advertising effective April 20, 2012. Instead will be offering free banner advertising throughout the website, including the front page. More information is available here.

[March 2, 2011] New TMC Server Online

We are happy to announce that TMC is running on a new server. The migration went smoothly but please be sure to report to us any problems you find as there are likely to be some things that were missed. Thanks from Icculus.

[July 13, 2010] mobile.tmc v1.0 - iPhone app available

We are proud to announce the release of mobile.tmc, our Free iphone app that allows you to keep up with the latest discussions, mud additions and mud reviews posted to the TMC website.

[February 18, 2010] New TMC Flash Client Live Live

We have finally replaced our java-based telnet client with a new flash client (based on Fmud) thanks to Matt Adcock of and Maiden Desmodus. One big feature this adds to TMC is the ability to add 'Play now' links for each mud listing, hopefully removing some of the obstacles potential new mudders face with using their local telnet apps.

[January 28, 2009] New TMC Website Layout Goes Live

Thank you to everyone contributing in the TMC layout preview discussion thread, your comments are very helpful. I feel comfortable promoting the new design to live status given the lack of serious glitch reports. I will continue to tweak as needed and listen to your suggestions in that thread.

[January 13, 2009] Mud Logos - Large Logo Randomizer

I setup the large logo image randomizer and have now tagged several TMC pages to run those logos in the top of page ad banner location. The initial list of pages is provided here and as we add new pages to that list we will either post an update here or modify the list in this news blurb.

Pages running mud logo banners:

[January 13, 2009] New Logo Image Options for Mud Listings

I can't believe another year has flown by so quickly, and nothing worthy to have been included in the whats new list for all of 2008? Ack! That makes it all the better that I can announce the changes just made to the TMC listings. Muds may now upload two images for promoting their muds: 1) a small logo that is included in the mud listings by default, sized at 160w x 230h pixels and 2) a larger banner image that will be put into gen. rotation in some as of yet determined locations on the site. The banner has a size limit for now of 728w x 90h pixels. The same restrictions apply to the banners that we will allow as do to other areas of the site like the discussion boards, in general nothing offensive or that violates the terms of service. All banners will be verified by TMC staff to make sure they are 'ok to run'. A quick note - the 160w x 230h size for the small logo is what will look best in a typical mud listing, though if muds already have smaller logos they wish to run that is fine. Please have a look at the submission system, the logo upload system can be found in the Edit your listing section. Holler with any questions!

[January 06, 2008] TMC Auditing / Two New Listing Options

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had a good 2007 and that your 2008 is even better.

Many volunteers from the TMC forums have come together and are helping me to build a system that will allow the mud listings to be confirmed for accuracy or corrected when necessary. We thank these volunteers for helping to cleanup the listings and we will add their contact info to the site's credits page soon.

We have added two new listing options for mud admins to add to their listings (if applicable):

  1. Player Crafting System - Players can craft items either for their use, for uses within the mud or for selling to other players or merchants.
  2. Player-Run Cities - Players can construct and run cities
We welcome all mud admins to add these flags to their mud listings where applicable.

[December 06, 2007] *New* Rating Discussion Threads

TMC members can now rate discussions threads from 1 to 5 stars, 1 star indicating that you feel the thread is a meaningless pile of trash, 5 stars indicating you feel the thread is very useful. This system is just going in today (12-6-07) and is considered beta, please report bugs to Icculus as you find them. In the very near future members will be able to set their discussion ratings threshold which will allow you to filter threads based on a minimum average rating based on a minimum number of submitted ratings of your choosing. Ex. You will be able to tell the discussion software to ignore any threads rated 1 star averaged from 10+ member ratings. This will be strictly optional and by default you will see all threads regardless of their rating unless you set a threshold. NOTE: The ratings info/form are only implemented right now in the new thread format, you will not see this stuff yet in the old thread format.

[June 10, 2007] TMC Domain Consolidation

In an effort to consolidate the numerous domains that point to this website we are now using mod_rewrite to force redirects from and to The main implication of this is that those of you who frequently use or .org instead of will likely need to re-login to set a new cookie at Once logged-in you should not need to repeat this process unless you specifically logout.

[March 4, 2007] New TMC Vote/Rank Button

You can now display a TMC vote button on your website which displays your mud's TMC rank, feel free to copy and paste the example html below and substitute 'YOUR_MUD_NAME' for the actual name of your mud.

<a href=""> <img border="0" src="" alt="Vote for Our Mud on TMC!"></a>