The Mud Connector

Mud Connector Listings Gateway

There are many ways to access the Mud Connector mud data, this page provides many options for searching through TMC's mud listings.

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Listings By Alphabet: Non-Alpha A B C D E F G H I J K L M
Listings By Category A simplified interface to our search engine which allows mud lists to be generated by category. New categories will be created upon request, mail your requests to the administrator.
Mud Connector Big List Simplified list of all muds contained in the Connector database. The Big List also contains links to each mud's Connector listing, a connection verification system, telnet and homepage links and the status of the last connection attempt. By default the Big List is now scrollable to provide a quicker interface.
Listings for Graphical Muds In addition to our vast selection of text-based games we now offer listings for the new commercial graphical MUDs. This page is an index for the Connector's available listings. If you wish to have a mud listed here contact for details.
Search The Mud Connector If you are looking for a particular mud or have a specific set of features you would like to see in a mud give our search engines a try. We offer a simple keyphrase searcher, which will try to match your specified keyphrase to muds in our simplified database, and a no holds barred advanced searcher which allows you to locate muds based on a server type, geographical location, and options you choose.