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TMC Player Reviews: Armageddon

Review Submitted By: LonelyNeptune
Author Status: Player
Started on Armageddon: April 2017
Submission Date: Feb 4, 2018
TMC Listing: Armageddon

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [LonelyNeptune] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Armageddon is a MUD that markets itself as a 'tough love' roleplaying game,
where nothing is free and actions have real consequences in a dangerous
world. Murder, corruption, betrayal, blah blah blah. I was really
enthusiastic about this, but the game is poorly implemented and impossible to
break into.

You will have a lot of difficulty playing this game if you are new.
Armageddon is geared towards old players to an incredible degree - and they
do this through the restriction of knowledge. Maps are in ASCII art and lack
detail. To craft items, you need to OOCly know the recipe for the craft,
which is available nowhere in the game or the website. You need to ask
another character to tell you the recipe. For every recipe in the game.
There is no information available on how to do most things, such as creating
antidotes, locating crafting ingredients, or making money in general.

You see, there's a culture that talking about game mechanics at all in OOC is
taboo. If you ask a question on the forums or in their official Discord, the
answer will invariably be 'find out IC'. And in Armageddon, finding things
out IC will usually kill you.

After you die because you didn't know that one particular room has an NPC
which can 1-shot you before you finish typing 'flee west', you're expected to
create a new character. This would be fine, in a hack-and-slash that doesn't
market itself as a serious roleplaying game. In Armageddon, you need a
lengthy appearance description and backstory for your new character, every
time. Expect to go through dozens of these characters before you go through
enough trial and error to memorise which rooms and scenarios will instantly
kill you. If you were attached to any of your characters and wanted to spend
time building up an actual story, you are playing the wrong MUD. Sorry.

If you are willing to power through all of this, there's more. Your 1000
starter money? About half of that is protection money that belongs to
whatever gang is prowling the starter zone at the time. If you don't feel
like paying that protection money, you will get ganked by a guy who has been
grinding his combat skills for several months because he is a veteran who
actually knows how to play the game.

There's also brownie points which you build up on your account over time for
doing things that the staff approve of, or something. I didn't play long
enough to find out what warrants getting one of these brownie points, but it
opens up a lot of additional options in character generation that only
veterans have access to.

The roleplay is okay. That's it. Most of the people you meet will disappear
before your next login, and you'll never know whether they got bored of the
game, or their corpse is lying somewhere in the desert because nobody told
them that the 'antidotes' sold in the game for scorpion stings don't actually
work :^)

The only design choice in Armageddon that I would praise is their inclusion
of something called 'The Way'. Basically, all characters have telepathy that
allows them to communicate with each other provided that they know their
name. It's quite convenient for knowing if someone is online, but remember
that the benefit goes both ways if you are in hiding.

tl; dr - not newbie friendly, huge gaps in documentation that make the game
difficult to play, questionable game design that can't decide whether it's a
character meat grinder or a legitimate roleplay MUD. Don't waste your time.

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