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TMC Player Reviews: Lands of Redemption

Review Submitted By: Motu
Author Status: Player
Started on Lands of Redemption: Around Christmas '17
Submission Date: Jan 15, 2018
TMC Listing: Lands of Redemption

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Motu] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Administrators in this MUD involve themselves too often in player
playability. Their self-perceived grandeur has made this MUD
unenjoyable to play. For example, I have logged over 350 hours on a
specific character that hasn't changed much in the last few hundred
hours. Stats have stayed relatively the same for quite some time so I
am acquainted with my character's damage output. I fought in arena
with a friend several times before he left for the gym. Hours later,
we got at it again but this time, the Admin Laniessa and Abraxas are
present. They involve themselves in our match by nerfing my character
who would easily defeat my friend's character without really trying.
Laniessa, who publicly states she enjoys torturing people in real life
and seems that also carries into the text-based world. Abraxas, has
multiple characters with maxed out stats and top-shelf gear, cheats by
loading equipment/potions for his mortals and hunts other PK players.
A great example, after having one of his mortals 'NUKED' for
cheating, he had his justice department guy write up new rules to
cater his style of play. Once illegal to receive help from non-PK
players, it is now ok. He has crashed the MUD intentionally while I
was working a zone he claims took the elite players weeks to complete.
I was soloing the zone and for some reason, twice, the MUD crashed
when I get to the final mob with the eq. He's admitted to crashing
the MUD and provided no reimbursement for the progress. Many things
these two do are vile and disruptive to the player's enjoyment of the
MUD. I hope player's open their eyes to their madness because these
two owners are nothing but weak players/people pretending to be
something they're not.

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