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TMC Player Reviews: Waterdeep

Review Submitted By: Ribbz
Author Status: Player
Started on Waterdeep: 2002
Submission Date: Jan 7, 2018
TMC Listing: Waterdeep

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Ribbz] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Waterdeep has been a welcome home on and off for many years since I started in 2002.
The staff and player base are friendly and helpful, there are multiple things to
do (PVP, Dungeons, Mini-Runs, Mprog Crafting) outside of just being social, and the feel
of the game is very smooth.

Some features I found hard to mud without are the simplist, there is a built in
ANSCI-Colored Map that you can open anywhere and it will show you what you
know of the area, I found spamming M even i've ventured somewhere before
just as habbit and when i've tried other Muds its a feature i very much miss. The
runs/dungeons operate on timers and are easily accessed through some
in-game commands, they are enjoyable and offer items for all stages of the
endgame, the staff will also *spice* up a run creating it into an Immortal Quest
which will yeild better rewards, besides that there are heroic versions of a few
that give new challenges. The coloring of the world is very well done, finished
is the times of perpetual grey and black, and the options you have as a player
to modify your own space is pretty endless as long as its on theme.

The leveling system of Waterdeep is simple and strait forward, it doesnt
offer a long grind which allows the creation of multiple characters of different
classes a labor-less task, depending on your creation XP. Once at hero you
have the activities described above with Runs and PVP being the most popular,
and in-between there is a pursuit of extra skills, hp/mana, and various
forms of currency to push your hero to cap which can take quite a while and is

In conclusion if you're looking for a Mud that has a social adult crowd, forgotten
realms & Final Fantasy flavor, with some fun activities, Waterdeep is a good place to visit.

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